ROV Builders

Add-on Components Projects This is a list of all of the community run R&amp;D projects we are aware of. If you would like your project listed, go ahead and make a posting in the <a href="">Open Talk forum</a> and then PM <a class="mention" href="/users/badevguru">@badevguru</a> and I will move it over to the Projects sub category for you. Community Projects Discussion about everything related to Community driven projects Open ROV Cockpit-Plugins Announce your Plugin or Theme here! Only one post per plugin please. Software Discussions around support, development, and use of the suite of OpenROV software products. Electronics For underwater robot topics specific to their onboard electronics Hardware Gallery Show off your projects, photos and videos Open Talk For general topics related to OpenROV and Underwater Robotics. Be it a kit, commercial, or your own custom design. Project and Build Discussion
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